About Us

Inten Services

Inten provides a number of services and skills to the Building Industry:

  • Professional and comprehensive construction management, encompassing new and refurbished projects
  • Solid experience in dealing with a wide range of construction issues (meaning that construction problems often become windows of opportunity)
  • Focus and commitment to completing projects on time
  • A vast network of reliable contacts within our industry from consultants to sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Proven drive and expertise to see the project to completion
  • Timely programming and reporting capabilities
  • Adherence to the required quality of workmanship
  • A thorough understanding of, and compliance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations for the Construction Industry
  • The ability to assess client needs and objectives, especially in the retail sector
  • A clear understanding of the client's budgetary requirements
  • Sensitivity to each project's environmental issues

At all times the "Inten focus is Commitment to Deadlines".

The Inten team share a sound understanding of the relationship between budget, program and quality.

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